Interactive LED Coffee Table - The Wave


Interactive LED Coffee Table - The Wave.

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The lights respond to your movements.

The Wave commands attention with its beautiful design, and then engages those around it with it's softly fading lights. It is large enough to be the main piece in a big room measuring 56" x 28" x 18" inches high. The LEDs are only activated when they see movement. Undisturbed, they calm to a fluid and attractive twinkling. They are bright enough to be seen in full sunlight and soft enough to be enjoyable in total darkness.

Environmental Impact:
Made of FSC sustainable high-quality, zero-formaldehyde, American made Maple plywood and finished with a very durable Ultra Low VOC water-based Lacquer. That means it's eco-friendly as well as good for your personal environment too. The entire table consumes a maximum of 35 watts when it is fully lit (much less than a single common household light bulb) and spends most of the time dormant, consuming hardly any power at all. The LEDs are rated to last for decades as well, so there are no lights to replace over time.

The table Uses a network of 32 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors. The clever fully analog circuit design activates the 640 super-bright white LEDs, needs no service or programming, and never 'crashes'. There is an on / off switch hidden on the underside of the table, and a cord that plugs into any standard 110v household outlet. Other voltages available for international orders.

Wave Table: $1,895

Because we make each table as it is ordered, there is a 6-8 week delivery time.

International orders welcome. Please email or call to order: 00+510-922-8846.
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