Why can't we make buildings the way we make cars? A short clip from Jeffery's talk on automation in construction

So why can't we make buildings the way we make cars? Here's a short clip addressing that from Jeffrey's larger talk 'Talking with Robots about Architecture' he gave at The Interval back in February of 2015. Later this year the whole talk will be online along with many other wonderful talks given at the Internal over the last few years. But in the mean time you can find a much shorter version here, or if you've got a venue, Jeffrey would love to come and give this talk again. Enjoy!

See what we did for on video! just got this video interview on Yahoo developer network blog.
It shows off some of the stuff we did for their office, specifically the treatment on the tops of the cubes.
You can also see the quotes on the walls and video screens we made if you look closely. The video title says "part 1"... so there may be another up there soon?!

It doesnt have the benches we made for the break room or the conference tables we did. But, if you want to, you can see those here!

AU2008 speaker results in... we won! Thanks everyone!

When you present at AU, you get lots of feedback. The event organizers setup a nice website where folks can not only rate how well they thought you did, but can also tell you exactly what they thought of your presentation. It can be a little stressful!

So the results from AU2008 are in, and we took best lab overall with our Mental Ray & Revit class. Not only that, we got the highest score out of anyone in the whole conference. Huzzah!

A huge thanks goes out to our lab helpers, Robert Manna, Nauman Mysorewala, Tyrone Marshall, and Adam Lega. Without your wonderful help we couldn't have done it!

Thanks again everyone, and hope to see you next year at AU!

Maker Faire Panel Video on couples working together

We were invited to be on a panel at this year's Maker Faire concerning 'Maker couples' or in other words couples that work together creatively in their own businesses. We were joined by our wonderful friends over at Instructables, Eric and Christy, and the panel was held by Heather Gold of the Heather Gold Show. Luckily for us it was live-streamed and captured to the interwebs!

Unluckily for those of you who feel like watching it, it's totally unedited and rather long (just giving fair warning). However, it was a great panel, and a great conversation with a lot of focus on how both the Instrucables folks and us work out problems, issues, and stresses of being a couple that not only is married, but running a business together as well!


Live .TV show provided by Ustream

Because We Can TV

Hey there!

We were recently interviewed by a great guy named Matthew Borgatti, for his new series called Brainchild.

He is focusing on creative people and how they take their creative ideas into a profit making business. In other words... how to make it work.

The interview was held in our old office space in West Oakland.
Check it out....

Because We Can from Matthew Borgatti on Vimeo.

Maker Faire Austin- a sucess with 5 blue ribbons!

We heave returned at last from that great state of Texas and come back from Maker Faire with 5 - that's right ... count em'... 5 blue ribbons for our Art Golf, mini-golf course!
We heave returned at last from that great state of Texas and come back from Maker Faire with 5 - that's right ... count em'... 5 blue ribbons for our Art Golf mini-golf course!


We had tested and played parts of the course, but had not put the whole thing together until we arrived in Austin. And it all worked great! The big and little kids at the faire loved the course so much, we saw the same people over and over again throughout both days- coming back for more.


The whole course took a few hours to put together from it's packed up state, and took even less time to break back down and pack up again. Because we made the course to do so, the "clam shell" play fields clip together and come apart with incredible ease.


The "props" for the course either lay on top of the play fields with no assembly, or they clip into the existing system like the play fields themselves.


This system for the course enables us to make more tracks and obstacles in the future that can just clip into the existing tracks. What we want to see happen is a full art / mini-golf "show" where we make more of these tracks and hand them off to other artists, designers and geeks, and have each make their own "hole", then get back together for a full mini golf course and Art Show. It would be interactively- awesome! We are going to work on making that happen next year- so keep an eye on for future updates.


And because the whole thing folds up for shipping so well, it could move around from venue to venue, growing and changing! The current course of 9 tracks, and 9 "props" and obstacles folds up into 3 stacks about 6ft tall and 4ft wide.


Feel free to contact us with any questions about ArtGolf for your next party!

Big Press Day...

Yesterday was a big press day! The Three Rings project got put up as a 'photo essay' on Wired's website, and that then got Boing-Boing'ed, so now it's bouncing around different forums and blogs. We'd like to welcome all the new folks to our site, and to thank Wired and Boing Boing for the nice words and pictures!

We'd especially like to thank Three Rings themselves for being such wonderful clients, and for pushing us creatively to produce something great!

Our chairs made the Make blog & Maker Day!

Make Chairs

Hey look at those chairs! We made these to be on stage for 'Maker Day', a wonderful pre-event that happened for all those presenting this year at the Maker Faire.

What a great day that was. We got to be on a panel lead by one of the editors of Craft magazine, meet all these amazing people, and see some wonderful talks by the likes of Gale Banks, Mr. Jalopy, and 'the man who fell to earth' Colonel Joe Kittinger Jr.

Our good friend Scott Beal took this photo of our chairs, and it wound up on the Make Blog itself. It's a little hard to see in this photo, but the last chair on the right is black, and made to look like it's on fire...

Because We Can MAKER FAIRE!

We have been getting ready for Maker Faire all week... and boy are we excited!

First off.... I am on the poster. So you have to come to Maker Faire and make fun of me.

And if you can't see those enormous dates down there, the faire is Sat. & Sun., the 19th and 20th.

Maker Faire Poster


Our shop and office are filled with stuff as we are bursting at the seems with all the things we have made. Make Make Make for the MAKER FAIRE!

maker faire

We are going to be showing all the different kinds of things we can do, so we have tried to make examples of all of them. We will have a video projector and will be talking about our process and how we use the Shopbot, Revit, Illustrator, Blender and other tools to get the results we want.

We will be showing off some V-carving techniques:


3D carvings:

3D carving

And other things!

Space invader

Meet us there!

We'll be in Sequoia Hall this Saturday and Sunday... All Day!


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