Frank's first day out

Sorry for the long break in the 'blog. Had a whole mess of work getting my handouts ready for Autodesk University for the two classes I'm teaching, and then right after that I had to get a portfolio together to go talk to some folks about some possible work (on top of 20+ hours a week consulting). Now I should be able to get back to my once-a-week posting. Anyways, super excited to say that I finally got the CNC table working!
Frank's first sign
After some software problems (that were totally of my own dunderheaded creation) got sorted out everything is working great. Except that the dust collection system is on back-order, so we can't do too much just yet. But I had an meeting this afternoon with a client who wanted to see a portfolio of stuff I've done, and I figured this morning why not make something to carry the portfolio in to show off the new CNC-goodness?
And here's a somewhat blurry photo of the final result. It's two bits cut from a sheet of oak plywood held apart by bolts.
Bolt detail
The presentation boards then sit in there, held on the sides by the top bolts and held up by the bottom ones.

So then the boards just sit in there, and you can pull out whichever one you want. Then that big top slot acts as a handle as well.

So you can haul it around. It's funny, it took longer to draw and design on the computer than it did to cut it out, sand it, and stain it. I'm not too happy with the finish, I only had time for one coat. I think I should hit it with another, and then maybe give it a satin poly finish.
Front shot
Finally, I really wanted to do something more subtractive and/or sculptural to that blank front. But without the dust collection system, I'm loath to do something that would create yet more dust. But, lucky for me, it just showed up from UPS while I was posting this, so very soon you should see some more complex work, and we'll also have the big ol' Robot christening party...