Custom Shelves and Small Space decorating

We recently created a few pieces for a friends apartment that we felt came out really nice.

First off we made a huge shelving unit that spread across the entire wall of the main room in their deco apartment. It was themed "Swiss!" to match the paintings that she was creating on the walls in the adjacent hallway.


It was a fun pattern to collaborate on with her, and it look beautiful in the off white color that matched their trim.


We also made a few products to go in a small room they have next to their kitchen. It had been used mostly as a storage room, but it had such a nice view with a nice big window, that they wanted to utilize it more.


We created a small table, two chairs and a couch that folds out to be a Full sized bed.


The couch is a simple wooden box with a nice futon mattress over the top of it.
The bottom 'kick plate' folds out with legs underneath to create a full sized platform.


And the mattress slides down to create a very comfy bed!


The table has a butcher block top and glides on the bottom, so it can be easily maneuvered into the kitchen if needed.


And a fancy lattice pattern for legs.


The chairs are a comfy low design.... one with the head of Abe Lincoln, and one with a deer. Why? Because We Can.