New table for Rocket Paper Scissors!

In our recent work news we just finished fabrication and delivered a table to Rocket Paper Scissors, LLC (makers of Dizzywood ) IMG_4188 The table had not only a nice sturdy design for rambunctious meetings, but also a decorative inset piece in the center that displayed the characters from the Dizzywood game. IMG_4176 We did this in the same way that we made the center inserts for the other tables in the office: Their artists supplied the vectors, we cleaned them up and prepared them for the CNC, painted the wood black with a special two step process, and then let Frank at it with a pointy "V" shaped router bit. The resulting image is beautiful, and after a top coat of our Ultra-Low VOC varnish, the piece is ready to go. Here's a close up of the other centerpiece we made a few months back, straight off the CNC table: IMG_3355 The table came out great. And the best thing about it, was we got to use our new glass holding suction cups!! They let us lift glass and drop it into place with no finger prints anywhere. It has boosted our glass insert productivity for sure! IMG_4189