What exactly is a Design-Build studio?

We are! A Design-Build studio is a mash-up of architects, artists, fabricators, and builders. Not only do we collaborate with you to design what you desire, we also then manage the production of it, often making custom elements right in our own CNC-enabled onsite workshop to make the project great. From a single piece of furniture to an entire house or office, we do the design, get the permits, then go to work building what's needed (or managing other professionals as required) to complete the project.

So you guys can make just about anything?

Just about! For the few things we cannot make at our in-house shop, we pull upon our wide network of other great local professionals, artists, and fabricators.

How does Because We Can differ from a typical Architecture or Interior Design firm?

We contrast with typical Architecture or Interior Design firms in that we actually help build what we design. A typical firm only handles the design of a project. But we are in it for the full duration. So typical architects/designers aren't able to deliver like we can. Instead they have to rely on others to do so, which raises the cost of the project, limits how creative they can be, and doesn't give them the flexibility and control that we have.

How does Because We Can differ from a typical construction firm or Contractor?

A typical Contractor usually only handles the construction of the project. A contractor won't want to take on the risk of doing something more creative, as that can create unknown challenges and difficult to bid. Most Contractors also don't have access to the technology we do, making it expensive and difficult for them to build anything custom and complex. While we're not contractors, we work very well with them when they are needed for a project, enabling them to deliver much more than they typically could before.

So you're like peanut butter and chocolate together?

As a Design-Build studio we feel that we can provide the best of both the design and the construction worlds, while minimizing the downsides of each. Because we design and help build the project ourselves, it allows us to break the project into smaller 'chunks' which can happen in parallel to each other. This allows for your project to happen much faster, as well as giving more control over the budget and schedule. Having the project in small, incremental phases keeps you in the loop about where your money is going, when the project will be done, and generally gives you more control.

What sort of clients do you work with most the time?

People just like you! Our clients are a wide range from individuals to non-profits to both small and large businesses. You can check out our past client page here.

What is the source of Because We Can's super-powers?

You can read all about that here, for we post our business plan online.

Why should I hire Because We Can?

Because we're committed to turning our world into a more interesting place by making great things for great people. Our people and new way of working lets us deliver completely unique projects that fit your needs better. Projects that make you or your business more happy and productive, and that directly incorporate your ideas and dreams. All while maintaining reasonable time frames and budgets. Also, we're a lot of fun to work with!