Oakland Girls School

Client: Julia Morgan School for Girls, Oakland CA
Scope: Interior Design consultation, Furniture Design and fabrication.

Mission: As the 'maker movement' gets more popular, this all girls school wanted to showcase it's own maker programs right out front. In the front hallway that is used for evening parent events, we designed 'tinker cabinets' that would match the aesthetic of this 1920's Julia Morgan building, and be useful workshop cabinets for the students. In the same hallway we also designed interactive LED light rails that illuminate the hallway in fun colors. The LEDs are driven by a programable arduino that is hidden within an attractive laptop station where students can learn how to write programs for the lights. And finally we designed a series of wall mounted box shelving to showcase the students projects. Throughout the project we combined the needs of the students with the aesthetics of this historic 1920's building.

Completed in: 2014 - 033