Jeffrey McGrew

Architect, Co-Owner

Jeffrey McGrew is a licensed architect in California.

Jeffrey's background is based in business, architecture, technology, and construction. Since 2006 he has been the co-founder of the design-build studio Because We Can.

On every project he is the lead architect, providing design direction and digital fabrication solutions for the challenges our clients bring us. An award-winning designer and public speaker, he loves to solve problems, generate ideas, and make great things for the great people we work for. He also runs the technical side of the company, from computer code to building code, creating new ways of building via the combination of BIM and digital fabrication. Prior to founding Because We Can, Jeffrey worked for a number of prominent local architects, been an technical fabrication consultant, and has helped bring several physical and software products to market.

In his non-existent spare time, he likes to experiment with CNC machines, create 3D models, make sculptures, brew beer and play games with friends.