FactorLi- Shop floor layouts

Client: Factorli

Scope: Design & Professional Consultation

Mission: The following concept designs were for an incubator factory space in it's infancy stage. The concept of the company was to be a customer-oriented, premium-yet-accessible, all-in-one solution manufacturing solution for small volumes of plastics, metals, and circuit boards - plus rework, final assembly, and fulfillment. Something that didn’t exist anywhere else. A factory filled with digital fabrication and traditional tools that you could rent by the hour. The idea was to have a large open floor with the large machines spaced out as needed. Around those machine work areas, the client wanted some kind of screens, so people could have privacy to their potentially proprietary work.

We decided to start our floor plans out with three objects; a whiteboard / privacy / sound screen, a standing computer workstation, and a configurable tools / parts cart.
Everything would be on wheels, be both usable and playful, and would match an overall theme.
Each theme had it's own totally different look, so we can find the right look & feel for the shop floor, and the company's brand.

We usually do not post our iteration designs from this phase of the project. But this is all that exists as the project was stopped in the early stages.

The first scheme is a slick modern look. Taking aesthetic cues from retro-futuristic robots and sci-fi, all surfaces are white, gloss, clean and curvy.

The second scheme is Dazzle Camouflage. The surfaces are flat and angular, and everything is covered in a dramatic patterning of the Dazzle Camo. As these screens are to hide and distract potential onlookers from the work goings on behind the scene.

The final scheme is a bit more traditional in concept, celebrating the functionality of the machines on the floor in the design of the pieces. CNC hewn panels, CNC woven mesh, and exposed flat pack joinery call to the digital fabrication abilities of the machines on the floor.

This factory space never came into being, but the designs are still potentially useful for another project down the road.

Completed in: 2014