Our clients include both successful companies & great people who appreciate well-built, inventive personal design, delivered on time and budget. We have delivered on many projects, large to small, and love collaborating with people, experienced or not. Here are just some of the companies and individuals we've been lucky to work with.

Cryptic Studios - Interior design, desk designs, and panel system for defining office areas.
Projects for all the great people at Make Magazine and Maker Faire.
Clif Bar - Design and fabrication for portable marketing kiosks and interior design elements.
TechLiminal Co-Working Space - Interior design services, modular desk design & signage.
Resonant Legal Media - Interior design services and a conference table with complex 3D center insert.
Rocket Paper Scissors, makers of Dizzywood - Conference table, large worktables, desks and interior design all based on their game theme.
Library Loft - Two-story library with office and storage for a private SOMA loft.
Hilton Hotels - Eco-glam flatscreens.
Cosmic Debris - An elaborate conference table and matching chairs based on their Emily The Strange brand.
YouTube - Interior design ideas & themes.
29th Ave Work/Live Complex - Value engineering & redesign of an existing scheme for a Oakland real estate developer.
SAP - Sustainable plyboo meeting tables.
Joyent - Interior design & office concepts., Inc - A tiki themed office including: Interior layout, desk design, reception desk design and other interior elements.
Sunpower Corporation - Flat-pack sustainable office furniture, reclaimed lumber grand benches, and interior design consultation.
Unity Technologies - Sustainable modern trade show booth.
Showdown Saloon - Interior design & custom bar furniture.
Form & Reform - Sculptural pieces and digital fabrication consulting.
The Exploratorium - Design and fabrication of tall cocktail tables that easily break down into small, flat pack elements for storage between events.
Zynga Inc. - Interior design ideas. (acquired by Intuit) - Interior design, fabrication of interior elements, and office branding elements.
Backbone Entertainment, a Foundation 9 Company - Lobby design with a film noir inspired design.
Three Rings Design, Inc.- A victorian submarine inspired office interior including: Interior layout, desk design, reception desk design and other interior elements., a Donnerwood Media company - Office interior design.
Wikimedia Foundation - Interior design, custom tables, and signage for the Wikipedia offices.
Penny Arcade - Twisp & Catsby custom conference table.
Awesome atomic-powered microphone stands and stage decorations for The Phenomenauts
Fort Point Capital Partners - Office interior and furniture design and fabrication.
The Longnow Foundation - Interior design services and signage.
Timbuk2 - Trade show booth fixtures and interior design
YumFactory / Attaboy - Toy packaging design and fabrication.
Builders Control - Architecture and subdivision work for a real estate developer.
Whitney Street House - Private residence remodel with new stairs, kitchen, and decorative details.
We're contributing writers for Hi-Fructose Art Magazine
Hello!Lucky - Trade show light fixtures, interior design services and various furniture pieces.
HotSharpToxic - Home mad scientist workshop for a private residence.
Spark Play Media - Office interior design and fabrication.
Castlight - Interior design & sustainable desk dividers.
Songbird / POTI, Inc. - A warm, modern office interior, space plans, and construction build out of new rooms.
Performance Mechanical Contractors - Architecture & offices for a growing geothermal services company.
Library Lair - Library & office with a secret door for a San Jose private residence.
Envie Interactive - Interior design & signage. Institute of Design at Stanford - Furniture design and interior design consultation and fabrication of multiple elements.
Decorative child safety elements - for a private residence.
Pandora, Inc - Interior design concepts
Children's Study Room - Children's furniture for a private residence.
The Long Now Foundation - Museum, salon, event space & bar with offices above.
Small Room Solutions - Interiors & furniture for a city apartment.