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Couch Design for Techshop

A couple months ago we were brought in by Techshop, SF to be guest designers for one of their corporate events. We took a day to brainstorm with the clients for a couch and a side table design. During that session we drew on paper, white baords and modeled designs in Revit. By the end of the day we had a design that everyone was excited about.

Palm/Techshop Couch-4

We focused on making the design one that reflected the CNC fabrication style that it was going to be made in. By using a high grade "EuroPly" and aluminum sheet we were able to do a staked design with an exposed edge to get our curved shapes. In the middle of the stack is a layer of aluminum to add strength and interest, and to use more of the TechShop machines!

Palm/Techshop Couch-1

The wood was all CNC router cut, the aluminum was waterjet cut and the brackets and feet were waterjet cut and welded.

Palm/Techshop Couch-2

Palm/Techshop Couch-3

It was a successful fun day for the corporate team, and in the end they got to keep the couch for their office.
So cool!

Palm/Techshop Couch-5

Summer open house at Because We Can!

July is here and this holiday weekend is First Fridays in Oakland (i.e. the 'Murmur'). So stop by and help us join in the fun!

We are opening our doors for Because We Can's summer open house.

We'll be starting early at 5PM and going until 8PM-ish.

Come on by!

No roller disco this time.
Instead we will be enjoying our new enclosed fruit tree laden yard along with some BBQ and drinks (while supplies last).

Come meet and greet the designers of Because We Can, Jillian & Jeffrey, as we show off some of our recent projects, including the progress on the LongNow SF bar design, a Robinson Crusoe & HMS themed office space, lots of local residential work, and some big 3D carvings for Wikipedia.

We'll have some snacks, and some drinks, the paint job on the 67 van to show off, and we've reconfigured the Shop. Lots check it out!

Kids welcome, but it is a shop and a party. Lots of sharp corners. And they might learn some interesting new words.

Friday, July 6th

5PM - 8PM

2500 Kirkham St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 922-8846

Click here for the Google Map.

D-school press

We worked on some elements for The D-School at Stanford University a little over a year ago. It was a really cool project, and the school is really awesome too!

There was just an article about the D-School in the Wall Street Journal with some photos of the work we helped out with.

The article is great in talking about what the school does for Stanford, but if you want to see more photos of the stuff we did, check out our project page on it!


Designer's tour of LA

We recently took a trip down to LA where we are always impressed by the amazing fonts, architecture, art and display.It is a great place for a designer to get inspired!

From fonts on apartment buildings,


to the famous Griffith observatory,


to bowling alleys you drive by unexpectedly,


and amazing wall graffiti near Silver Lake!


There are so many interesting things to do and see.
Of course we had to check out the great Modernist exhibit happening at LACMA. It's a great show if you get the chance!


And then, on to Disneyland! Where the buildings and landscapes have been expertly designed to amaze!
From the outside wall of Space Mountain,


to the wonderful statues in the Tiki Tiki Tiki room,


to unexpected nooks filled with psychedelic flowers!


Los Angeles once again, does not disappoint.
We leave inspired and a little sun tanned.

Meet us at the Maker Faire 2012!

See me at Maker Faire!

We're excited and proud to once again be included in this year's Maker Faire!

It's so great to have participated every year. This year is talk-a-riffic for us! First you'll find us on Saturday, at 2:30 PM on the Make: Demo Stage giving a repeat from last year: The Secrets of Secret Doors.

Later on Saturday, on the Innovation Stage at 4:00 PM we're on a panel with Jon & Kyrsten and other co-creators of the Serpent Twins. We'll be talking and showing off all about how we made them. We're really excited that the Serpent Twins project we helped with will be at the Faire! You'll probably see us helping unload them and taking a shift of babysitting them during the day.

Then on Sunday, again at 4:00 PM on the Innovation Stage we'll be giving a special 'Ask a Master Maker' panel with a nice selection of experienced Makers to answer your every question! Ask us about projects, going pro, how we did something, or anything else you can imagine!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Faire!

Drawing Storage Table

This is a great piece that we designed for a construction company that deals with numerous large drawings.
And we just posted the design of their new office here.

The counter height allows it to be a nice large standing meeting table while reviewing the large drawings, and with the accessibility to pull out another drawing for reference if needed.


L:\BWC Bucket\projects\PMC_2011\SD_Office\Shop Drawings\Drawing_Storage_Work_Table - Sheet - 1 - Front & Top Views - Work Table

The labels on the front are a dry erase material so the naming can be changed quickly and easily.


We designed it in two halves so it could be more easily shipped, and more importantly, fit through the door!


Which allowed us to make some fun joinery details...


It is a great casual meeting table, and a great center piece to the space!


Diner Wall

We finally got photos of this project from late last year! We had helped ClifBar out with an internal wall they were building to showcase and promote the philanthropy projects their employees could help out with as part of a company program.

They had a cool idea to show off the different projects available as "menu items", so the diner wall concept was born.


We helped with designing the layout of the wall, sourcing the nessesary items and fabricating the specialty objects.... like these 'ticket takers' made out of old bike wheels!



And this 1950's counter! complete with diner accessories!


And finally, of course, a cool diner sign.


The wall is a well used hit!


New postcards

Our new postcards from 4x6 showed up recently. And they look great!


Each one showcases a different project that we completed last year, and covers a range of commercial and residential projects and well as a good range of styles.

This is from a residential office project.
A swiveling desk design for a muti functional room. Other elements have since been built:


Next, a commercial project for Anno Domini, a San Jose Art Gallery.
Giant folding, rolling kiosks to expand their usable space:


Then, another residential project of curving stairs and useful but still beautiful storage space in this
Library loft space:


And finally, an internal marketing project with our own in-house library project.


Then, of course you must check out the back!


Lots of new projects up on the website

We've been busy! Too busy to get some of the great projects we've gotten done on our website. So we took a moment, and posted up a few past projects for you to see. Enjoy!

We love coming up with concepts for what companies could do with their offices. It a service we offer, where we're brought in to help brainstorm some big ideas as inspiration.

A few recent examples are helping out Joyent, a cloud software service provider:

We also helped come up with some fun ideas for local hometown heros, Pandora:

And a little longer ago we helped YouTube out with some ideas too:

Now some more tangible office interior elements! We did some signage and branding elements for video game company Envie Interactive. Love that glowing 'V'!

Speaking of games, we also did some early conceptual art & 3D models for their video game:

One area we've really expanded upon is in our architectural services, undertaking some larger buildings. Two examples from last year are the ideas we came up with for a commercial building in SOMA:

And some value-engineering focused redesign of a small live/work loft complex for Oakland:

Now back to work! ;-)

Professor Kitty, the office kitty, working hard


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