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The Serpent Twins project - in progress

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The Serpent Twins are coming along, but still have lots to go.
The heads of each critter is framed out, and now come all the details and finishing bits.


One Serpent will be all black, and one all white. Here the white one awaits it's head...


The fins for the "backs" of the serpents were cut out of sheet metal, then welded together.


in the end, they will look like this:

More to come soon!

Sneak a peek inside the BWC studio...

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Behind the scenes at Because We Can...

Jillian and Jeffrey look at reference material in the Design Library:

Professor Kitty, our studio cat and Director of Public Relations, takes a quick rest on the floor:

Jeffrey and Frank (our CNC) spend a little quality time together:

Fun with textures!

Working away in the shop!



And finally.... it's the BWC robot! Say "Hi!"

Press in Anthology Magazine - Issue 3

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A new-ish interior design magazine called Anthology has run an article on one of our favorite clients Hello!Lucky and the interior design in the homes of the two owners.

There are some great photos in the issue of work that we did for the Hello!Lucky office:



And some cool shots of some work that we did for the interior home of one of the owners:




Pick up an issue! It's a cool new magazine!

Blast Screens

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We did our first in-house metal bending, the other day, to create these 'Blast Screens'!
Carving out a positive form that the corners needed to bend to, then forming them in a press.


The metal has a subtle design etched into them -- using a diamond point etcher in the CNC!!


The screens attach onto these swiveling desks we made.


They can be placed into three different height positions with hardware that is built into the edge of the desk.


It is not clear yet if the blast screens are to protect from blasts coming from or aimed at the desks.... we shall see as things continue to progress...


The Hobnail

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A custom coffee table creation in a modern interpretation of a Hobnail Chest.


Here it is, in its conceptual design phase (complete with awesome espresso machine):

L:\BWC Bucket\projects\Eric&Sue_Johnston\Revit\Shops\Hobnail_Safe_V2_Shops - Sheet - 1 - Front, Top, and Corner Views.pdf

We took this old style that was originally used to make safes with wide metal strapping and big headed nails called "hobnails". They looked like this:

and re-invented it for a coffee table design, with some more modern aesthetic details added.
The doors and pulls for the doors are hidden among the bumps.


The aluminum corners and chrome wheels add a touch of modern hardware to this awesome old style.


We milled out a grid of holes to attach the "hobnails" in a perfect straight grid pattern.


A first coat of finish, then the hobnails were applied.


The water based dye and waterborne lacquer were then applied to give it its final finish sheen.


A thick slab of polished glass is added to the top, giving a flat surface without having to cover any of the "hobnails". And the modern touches of aluminum corners, chrome wheels and dome headed bolts complement the rest of the Project.


The Serpent Twins

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We have joined up with our friends John and Kyrsten over at Form & Reform to design and build a fun project for Burning Man!

The project has just launched its kickstater page. So please donate to the cause!

John and Kyrsten over at Form and Reform, have created magical pieces out of metal like the Golden Mean Snail Car, and the Zeppelini. Now we are working with them to turn these metal barrels into a Deco Nordic God creature called.... The Serpent Twins.


The front will be powered by these little electric cars...


And the barrels will be filled inside with programable LEDs. One of the serpents will be all dark metal with a "fire" light show on the inside. The other will be white barrels with a more etherial colorful light show.


You can read more about the evolution of the project on the Form and Reform site.
And dont forget to donate!


No EatFoodTalkShop this month, instead let's meet in Los Angeles!

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We're going to be speaking about digital fabrication at the Revit Technology Conference later this month. So we're going to have the first-ever BWC L.A. meet-up while we're out there. We're very excited about it! If you're in the area for the conference (or the wonderful Dwell on Design show), we'd love to see / meet you.

So no June EatFoodTalkShop, instead it's a L.A. Meet-up. EatFoodTalkShop returns next month!

We'll have details posted to our blog and twitter feed later this month. We'll see you in beautiful Los Angeles! Thanks everyone!

Our talk from KA Connect 2011: Seven Steps for Digital Fabrication

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We recently were invited to give a talk at the wonderful KA Connect 2011 conference. A meeting focused on how we all capture and manage know-how in the building industry, it was a very informative and inspiring two days!

BIM and Digital Fabrication together create a lot of interesting new challenges and capabilities. We gave a brief talk about our 7-step process we use on all our projects that helps us fully leverage this new way of working for a design-build studio like ours.

Check out the rest of the talks! They are so awesome. Lots of great information!