EatFoodTalkShop- TUESDAY JUNE. 16TH - 6-ISH PM TO 9-ISH PM

-------- BWC EAT FOOD TALK SHOP EVENT - TUESDAY JUNE. 16TH - 6-ISH PM TO 9-ISH PM------------ Hey All Eaters of Food and Talkers of Shop! We have moved our Thursday night event to Tuesday to coordinate with the AIGA design week... Therefor the night will be FANCY PANTS DESIGN THEMED! Huzzah! Put on your fancy duds and designer glasses cause It's time for another Eat Food Talk Shop at the Because We Cannery!!! Because We Can is a working shop complete with a 5ft x 9ft CNC mill among other tools, so comfy seating is limited and machines are a plenty. Robots have no need for chairs silly human... This month we are very excited to announce our newest shop tenant is PONOKO , the micro manufacturing people! They will have their Laser cutter out of the box, and potentially even doing things. Intrigue! And for the design themed night we will put on our design-y chops and have the robot cut out some pretty shapes. Come marvel at the pretty shapes! But remember... all that marveling will make us hungry and (more importantly) thirsty! So bring some food and drink to share. We know designers don't usually eat, as it isn't aesthetically pleasing, and we all have to fit into those tight black pants... But we'll let you break character just this once. We'll have the BBQ a goin'! Come on over! TUES the 16th! Bring Friends! Get excited to watch the CNC and the laser cutter duke it out. Laser on CNC action baby! OMG BBQ BYOB WTF!!! (LOL) email: phone: 510-922-8846 Map