We do these things because we can

Because we can is a new kind of Architecture firm: A Design-Build Studio. That's a mash-up of architects, artists, builders, designers, and fabricators. With our own robot-empowered fabrication shop, we make what we design.

Because We Can is led by a husband & wife team: Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup. Our goal is to make the world a more interesting, productive, and sustainable place.

Every member of our team spends time on all aspects of a project from concept to design to fabrication. The same designer is always involved with the project from beginning to end. And the company founders, Jillian & Jeffrey, are involved with every project personally. We feel that our consistent hands-on approach creates more value and better results for you, our client.

We believe in broadly skilled people. We do not have a dedicated shop foreman, a single designer, or a lone CAD expert; instead we all touch all aspects of the project. We're intensively collaborative, both within our office and with our clients, and we're a lot of fun to work with.

We design and help build commercial interiors & buildings, residential additions and remodels, bespoke furniture, and creative elements for events and art.

We're an open company. We post our business plan online for we believe in transparency and honesty. We also blog and give talks on how we do what we do. We love to share!

We are very excited about what we can do for you! Let's talk about what you've got in mind!