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Because we can is an Oakland-based Design-Build Architecture Studio serving individuals and companies nationwide.

Founded in 2006 by Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup, our goal is to create great buildings, interiors, furniture, and art with and for our wonderful clients. Our clients are very diverse; large and small, commercial and residential, for-profit and non-profit, pragmatic and wildly creative. We help all of them become better, grow, and transform by collaborating closely with them to really understand and meet their problems, desires, and goals.

We believe in creativity, making the world a more interesting place, sustainable building and working practices, and being reasonable in schedules and budgets. Rooted in what we call California modernism, our designs are warm, clean, human, lovely, and fun. We embrace a pragmatic whimsical exuberance, getting amazing things done on time and on budget.

Our in-house digital fabrication production shop and technology-forward architecture practice enables and empowers us to directly create elements for the project, embrace and respond to change quickly, and explore better ways of building. It lets us participate in the construction of the project directly to better control risks and costs while allowing for more creative solutions to complex problems. It also helps us steer the overall building industry with our expert talks, our informative and open blog, beta testing of new tools, and technical consulting work for both large software companies and other builders.

We believe in broadly skilled people. Our team is a mash-up of architects, artists, builders, designers, and fabricators from a wide range of backgrounds. Every member of our team spends time on all aspects of a project from concept to design to fabrication. The same designer is always involved with the project from beginning to end for a constant vision. And the company founders Jillian and Jeffrey are personally involved with every project and client.

We are very excited about what we can do for you. Let's talk about what you've got in mind.